PhD. students from University of Southern Mississippi recruiting participants for research

My name is Xiaonan Song, and I am currently a doctoral candidate in Higher Education
Administration at The University of Southern Mississippi. I am writing my dissertation
tentatively titled The Cultural Adaptation Experiences of Chinese Higher Education
Students in Mississippi: A Comparison Across Disciplines under the direction of my
dissertation committee chaired by Dr. Thomas V. O’Brien.

I am reaching out to you to invite you to participate in my study on the cultural
adaptation experiences of Chinese international students in American higher education in
the American South. This study is important because it will provide information about the
barriers that Chinese international students experience at universities in the American
South, and give information about success for Chinese international students.
Your participation will help me better understand what factors are likely to assist Chinese
students’ adaptation to life and study in higher education institutions in the South.
Specifically, voices from different fields of study will help to shed the light on barriers
specific to students in certain fields. Assistance and advising strategies based on these
differences could be developed in the future. The information collected from interviews
will be used for completion of my doctoral dissertation.

Participation will include a 90-minute in-depth semi-structured interview in the second
half of fall 2018 semester and the beginning of spring 2019 semester at your university.
Interviews will be either in person or online and will accommodate your schedule. My
goal is to conduct interviews through the end of fall 2018 semester. No identification
information will be included in the final documents and analysis. As a token of
appreciation for your time, you will receive a $15 gift card to Walmart for you
participation in the interview.

If you are willing to participate, please fill out the information form through this link and
I will be in touch as soon as possible to schedule an interview with you:
I appreciate your willingness to consider participating in this study. Also, please feel free
to forward this to any friends that would fit the needs of this study. Participants
need to be native Mandarin speakers who had at least ten years of education in Mainland
China, and are currently enrolled or have been enrolled in your institution.

Thank you for your time!
Xiaonan Song
The University of Southern Mississippi
Doctoral Candidate and Research Assistant
Higher Education Administration

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