Test and Review Products Introduction

Test and review products are deep discount products, which from online stores to help shoppers to save money. The goal of these products are asking consumers to express their real, true and honest purchasing experience. The reviews should not be affect by any other facts other than the purchaser’s personal feeling.

We recognized that the world of consumerism is changing. Access to multiple online shopping networks is allowing for price shoppers to maximize their savings by comparing over a massive network of stores. With tens of thousands of new items entering the fray every month from new companies, all across the globe the need to have a unified, and trustworthy network of reviewers is an excellent opportunity for a new form of marketing to help level the playing field, and to ensure that the right items, not just the cheapest or most popular, are reaching the people who simply cannot afford to be misled by big brands self-aggrandizement.

Test and review products are not deal directly with money. We just provide platform to connecting shoppers and sellers. By clicking the ‘check out’ button, you are agreed to be connected with the seller who provided this product.

Our team will try our best to connect every honest shopper and seller. We will never, ever, share even the simplest of our customers information with any other company at any given time unless required by law. Any third-party companies or any online entity caught trying to catalogue our customers email addresses will be punished to the full length of the law. We plan to earn the worlds trust, and we plan to live up to it.


Test and Review Instruction

1. Place the order of the product you want to test and review on www.campgem.com. (You can choose “pay cash” as your payment method, you don’t need to pay money here)
2. After you placed order, we will contact with you and send you the product link.
3. Purchase the product from the link website we send to you.
4. Take a screenshot of your order number and name, then send the screen-shot to Email Address: [email protected] and [email protected]
5. After two weeks‘s(14 days) test, please leave you true review of the product on the product shopping website. And take a screenshot of your review.
6. Send your review screenshot ,order number screenshot and your PayPal account name to Email address: [email protected] and [email protected]
7. We will get you refund, you can have the product forever.

Attention: Make sure you leave your review and send us your review screenshot, order screenshot and PayPal account information, otherwise we can’t get you refund


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